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Comprehension / Accelerated Reading (A.R.)
Due Date: 6/5/2018
Subject: Reading


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Reading / Writing: - Accelerated Reading (AR) - Cartoon - Reading Comprehension

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Due Date: 6/1/2018
Subject: Language Arts




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Weekly - Fridays

Goal:  Typing skills, 25 words/minute by the end of the school year

Expectations:  My class will acquire knowledge with PowerPoint, Word, and digital learning programs to present in class


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Classroom Links / Assignments
Due Date: 5/15/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Activities - 6th Grade

English Language Arts:

Creative Writing: - Story Starters - Digital Storytelling - Digital Storytelling - Cartoon




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Daily Grammar Practice (A Word A Day)
Due Date: 10/11/2017
Subject: Language Arts

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Vocabulary/Definition & Writing:

1. A Word a Day (A.W.a.D): Look up in the dictionary the definition for each word, identify the parts of speech, and give an example sentence for each word.  Include antonym and synonym for each word.  Check for correct spelling and punctuation.  Does the sentence make sense?  

Week #5: Week of October 2, 2017, due October 6

Mon:  frontier

Tue:   flaunt

Wed:  terminology

Thur:  digit

Week #6: Week of October 9, 2017,  due October 11

Mon:  perennial, comprehend

Tue:   deception, immobile

Week #7: Week of October 16, 2017,  due October 18

Mon:  avert, majority

Tue:  fastidious, lunge

Week #8: Week of October 23, 2017,  due October 25

Mon:  array, promotion

Tue:  reluctant, confront

Week #9: Week of October 30, 2017,  due November 1

Mon:  sensitive, ambiguous

Tue:  encumber, benefactor

Week #10: Week of November 6, 2017,  due November 8

Mon:  indispensable, mortify

Tue:  finance, bountiful

Week #11: Week of November 13, 2017,  due November 14

Mon:  endorse, idle

Tue:  descend, absorb

Week #12: Week of November 20, 2017,  due November 21

Mon:  erroneous, mesmerize,

Tue:  familiar, jubilant

Week #13: Week of November 27, 2017,  due November 28

Mon:  repose, antique

Tue:  conform, fatigue

Week #14: Week of December 4, 2017,  due December 5

Mon:  infinite, pucker

Tue:  adaptation, urban

Week #15: Week of December 11, 2017,  due December 12

Mon:  converge, sarcastic

Tue:  esteem, cavort


 *Quiz on Fridays.


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Due Date: 9/8/2017
Subject: Language Arts

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Spelling words for the week is now available at "Spellingcity."  Practice and take a test prior to Thursday's quiz.