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  • Read Text Closely - understand what the text implies and understand its meaning
  • Text-Based Evidence - be able to cite textual evidence from the text, discuss and derive text-dependent question for example charts, diagrams, etc
  • Writing from Sources - routinely write from different sources, using effective techniques, descriptive details, and clear event sequences    
  • Academic Vocabulary - build vocabulary throughout instruction
  • Increasing Text Complexity - provide scaffolding and support to advance students toward independent reading of complex texts
  • Building Disciplinary Knowledge - build knowledge about a topic or subject through various  selection of subject/text
  • Balance of Texts - grade level of informational and literary texts
  • Balance of Writing - include multiple on-demand and process writing, short focused research projects
  • Speaking and Listening - Adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks, using formal English; engage effectively and express ideas with clarity in group discussions; and include multimedia as needed


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  • Students are required to read and earn 20 points every month.  This will be part of our reading grade. 

     This year, the students are given a "Passport to Reading" program where they will enter the book title with a summary of what they read and I will stamped their passport after taking a test.  Similar to a passport, the student(s) will pick a country he or she would like to visit and we will research and discuss about that particular place.  

     When a student(s) complete a book, he or she will place her name in a bucket to draw a name and I will provide a snack from that country he or she has chosen.  This will occur every other month to give me time to place the order, etc.

     My goal is to encourage kids to read, read, and read.  There is no greater reward than when kids read to enrich their vocabulary and imagination!  Please encourage your kids to read to you, you read to them, or he or she read to siblings.

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